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twist free extension cord

eliminates twists and tangles
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An extension cord with a swivel in the middle, or possibly more than one spaced accordingly. Im not sure how the electrons would jump the gap at the swivel? Or if they would be resisted and dammed by the interstice? Anyway, something to help with snags and tangles. A crusty old carpenter I once worked for used to say, when the loops and knots in his cord would hang up on a ladder, board, etc. " If I ever fall out of an airplane, I don't want a parachute. Just give me an extension cord, It's bound to hang up on something on the way down."
hard-scrabble, Nov 16 2002

Swivel connector http://www.power-de.../extensioncord.html
Baked: here is a patented swivel connector to do just this [krelnik, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       //not sure how the electrons would jump the gap//
(_!_) The electrons will fly off on a tangent from the rotational axis. Don't worry, they enjoy it.
Amos Kito, Nov 16 2002

       If you use the 'over-under' or 'figure 8' methods for coiling your cords, they will not tangle or knot easily, because there are no twists in them to begin with. This is standard practice in the live audio/production buisiness. It also makes for a nice tidy coil for storage and hanging.
DonD13, Jun 11 2003


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