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The Road Rage Dissipator

A communications system through which drivers can express their "rage" in a more healthy manner...
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The rage in most RR incidents, of course, stems from the other driver's actions. However, as humans we are quite familiar with rage and quite adept at handling it. We spend a vast majority of our lives enraged (at least the smart ones do). Consequently, it follows that the actual rage we feel when are cut off, or not allowed to pass etc., is not the actual reason we go over the edge. Instead, it seems pretty obvious that its the whole not being able to do anything about it that drives a human crazy. Humans will withstand just about anything, so long as there is some perceivable "out". Obviously, the "outs" are less available when travelling at 70 MPH.


You buy your road rage dissipator. You go home and install the 1.5' by 6" digital display on either the bumper or the rear window and the push button controls into where the TAPE player used to go.

The push button controls wouldn't have a keyboard (too dangerous) but they would have a menu full of nearly every saying which you could access and personalize when the car is off.

[for all the neighsayers, the type of circuit used would be able to store and utilize a small amount of residual energy (even if it hasn't been invented yet you idiot)]

Next time that WOMAN (that's right, WOMAN!) cuts you off, just press the F*c* Y*U button.

iemayem2, Apr 06 2009

xkcd on road rage http://xkcd.com/440/
a more technological approach [Gamma48, Jun 06 2009]


       Could this device not be used to educate and enlighten? Maybe "When you cut me off, I feel sad." Or "Can't we all drive nice?" The energy of rage might be turned into more useful, wholesome feelings and the world could become a better place.
bungston, Apr 06 2009

       "for all the neighsayers..."
Are there horses on the 'bakery?
phoenix, Apr 06 2009

       <sings> no woman no cry, no woman no cry <sings>
po, Apr 06 2009

       //Are there horses on the 'bakery?//

No, but there are quite a few old nags.
DrBob, Apr 06 2009

       bite your tongues all of you.
blissmiss, Apr 06 2009

       I use flash cards with swear words on them!!
xandram, Apr 06 2009

       "bite your tongues all of you."
phoenix, Apr 06 2009


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