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stick on feet

for jesus fish
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guerrilla warfare against "intelligent" design.
bleh, Jun 04 2006

Darwin fish http://sciwear.com/pd_darwin.cfm
[Curiosity, Jun 05 2006]

Turbot http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turbot
Flatfish [jutta, Jun 06 2006]


epicproblem, Jun 04 2006

       :) +
jellydoughnut, Jun 04 2006

       Would be even cooler if you included little footprints that you could stick all over thier car to.
jhomrighaus, Jun 04 2006

       the footprint stickers could be a seperate product... that way jesus freaks could use them on dawrin fishes.. and they could be sold as a package with the stick on feet for the militant atheists.
bleh, Jun 04 2006

       Militant Atheists? Did someone say militant atheists?
Mr Phase, Jun 04 2006

       i did..
bleh, Jun 04 2006

       +1 for sure.
kevinlipe, Jun 04 2006

       always useful to have a bag of feet in your pocket.
neilp, Jun 04 2006

       Hmm not sure if this is what you mean, might be baked maybe not. still i love this idea. check the link.
Curiosity, Jun 05 2006

       I don't think that it is, Curio. I think that this is more about vandalising other people's religious symbols than creating your own non-religious one.
st3f, Jun 05 2006

       <curio>- as st3f said, not what i'm talking about. although that is the inspiration for the idea, these are for sticking to the existing jesus fish on other peoples minivans, station wagons, and the like.
bleh, Jun 05 2006

       I think you should also use a letter 't'.
Find a powerful car, and change "Turbo" to "Turbot".
Ling, Jun 06 2006

       i guess there could be a whole line of vandal stickers in the style of manufacturer' s lettering. they would likely be noticed earlier than the little feet on a jesus fish, but possibly equally as fun.
bleh, Jun 06 2006

       <sticks fingers in ears> LaLaLaLaLala…
reensure, Jun 06 2006

       Go, on email the people who make the Darwin fish and ask them to sell feet separately, you know you want to ;-)
webfishrune, Jun 06 2006


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