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The Salamander

Recumbent Body Chair
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I don't know if you're like me, but my sweet sexy hunni bunn just loves lounging upon the firm and rippling features of her man. (Yes, I am the man, [for the most part, {play with that in your mind! LOL!}]) But even though smooth and fine are her butterscotch lines, I can but only withstand her indulgent passtime for periods at a time... (eh, maybe ten or so minutes longer than that).

Thus, the emergence of The Salamander Recumbent Body Chair. Its revolutionary design allows the barkla-lounger to form innumerable configurations to suit the preferenced tastes of its reclining denizen.

The adjustable locking vertebra become a solid spline after the chair has been positioned by means of a tensile slacking system, which is basically an artificial tendon running the length of the seat through each movable segment.

The item features suppportive cushioning paired to a layer of memory foam substructure, and will be made available in a variety of colors and fabric overlays. And now I bid you adieú, for I must go and rub my hunni bunn Wife's feet.

Macdaddyx1, Feb 09 2008

"revolutionary", meaning it's been around http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chikufujin
And, of course, follow the link to "Dutch wife" [lurch, Feb 09 2008]


       You seem distinctly unfamiliar with the tactile sensation of handling a salamander. They are cold, moist, and somewhat sticky. The ribcage is very near the surface and feels hard yet fragile much like the ribcage of an amaciated person. May i suggest a moldy wet leaf for a blanket.
WcW, Feb 09 2008

       a lounge lizard?
po, Feb 09 2008

       UniBubba: ...it's more, your body forming to the lounge. (Hey now! I actually liked the UniBubble idea!)   

       WcW: It's always been my experience that the ladies luuuuvv discovering new and exciting sensations! Think of it as the luxury pet that you overfed and let sloth about your posh mansion.   

       And, I'm sorry but as snide as you tried to be, that wet leaf blanket idea (faux, of course) is a fetching addition to the whole 'lounge lizzard' (good buddy Po nails the analogy!! ) concept!
Macdaddyx1, Feb 09 2008

       Yes i like the idea as long as we are really capturing somthing interesting. Seems like you have hit on the root ot it- Giant Friendly Pet Salamaders which you could keep in a shaded greenhouse area. Plasic lumpy pillow doesn't work for me.
WcW, Feb 09 2008

       UhOh! Looks like we got a playa-hater up in heah, up in heah! If you've noticed, I'm not making a habit of [deleting] comments, primarily because your comments are a reflection of who you purport (not 'are' - that's ignorant) to be.   

       Uni: the helium IS a better take on yours; full'o hot air! Ha! I made a funny!
Macdaddyx1, Feb 09 2008

       Lurch: ... that was good, real good ...   

       I thought somebody might find either IT exactly or Nothing at all, but finding 'something' like it way across the world .. =o   

       ...yet, it's not a "body pillow" where a person coddles the item but is cuddled by such.
Macdaddyx1, Feb 09 2008

       //way across the world// er, actually, that's fairly local compared with the locations of your annotaters. (For example, to get from [po] to [UnaBubba], go north. To get from [UnaBubba] to [po], you also go north. Both paths pass the land of the Chikufujin.)   

       And as for the differences between the "bamboo wife" and your idea - believe me, that path has been taken. Many, many times. I simply chose to show you a place on the trail. I'm *not* going the rest of the way.
lurch, Feb 09 2008

       //way across the world// Heh. For a while, I was Halfbaking from Indonesia, and sleeping in a bed with one of those Dutch wife things.   

       Maybe if I was still there, this idea would make sense. I understand this to be about a chair with an adjustable spine, though I don't see enough about how to make that work.   

       //I'm not making a habit of [deleting] comments// Well, good.
baconbrain, Feb 09 2008

       I just want to clarify that it is the name of your idea i find questionable. The content is simply boring and seems quite baked. The idea of giant pet salamanders however seems quite exciting,well within the reach of current genetics. Giant Cryptobranchus already exist and are descendants of truly huge prehistoric amphibians getting these huge aqueous predators to become sedate house pets is only a matter of careful breeding. I will post the idea.
WcW, Feb 09 2008

       According to David Icke, that idea is already baked & burnt toast ....
Macdaddyx1, Feb 10 2008

       lovable pets not schizophrenic delusions. Look, our differences are baised purely on what it would be like to have a large amphibian in your home and what interacting with said object would be like.
WcW, Feb 10 2008


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