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Utilizing unused space

Store shoes vertically
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There are shoe pockets you can hide on the inside of closed doors. I've never liked the fact that they are loosely affixed to the door and always bang when you open & close the door. My thought is to affix pegs or pockets to the side of chests or bureau. These could be loosely affixed the same as the closet door but since furniture doesn't move, it doesn't matter.
DevoutOccamist, Feb 14 2008

patent for vertical wall rack and variable shoe holder arrangement. http://www.patentst...40-description.html
[pyggy potamus, Feb 14 2008]

hanging shoe storage. http://www.organize...0056.do?code=NEXTAG
[pyggy potamus, Feb 14 2008]

patent for shoe cubbies. http://www.freepate...ne.com/Re34570.html
[pyggy potamus, Feb 14 2008]

wardrobe closet with shoe pockets. http://www.organize...owardrobecloset.php
another shoe pocket storage idea. [pyggy potamus, Feb 14 2008]


       sp. "bureaux"
coprocephalous, Feb 14 2008


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