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Things that came out of me

Preserve them in a hermetically sealed display cabinet
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I squeezed a spot on my chin just now, and a big fat black hair popped out. It fascinated me, and I felt sadness at the thought of just throwing it away, so I toyed with it for a few minutes. Eventually, I accepted the inevitable, and discarded it.

But no more....

Purchase your "Things that came out of me" display case, and you too can preserve the oddities that come out of your body, be it tonsorial, fecal or otherwise.

The solid walnut frame can be ordered with numerous different layouts, enabling you to keep each item separate. For small items (such as my black hair), they can be mounted beneath a magnifying glass for optimized viewing. All sections are hermetically sealed, ensuring no degradation over time, and no bad smells.

Wall-mount it, or get creative and turn it into a coffee table.

jtp, Aug 28 2007


       Due to the miracle of Halfbakery Recent Idea Mistaken Name Concatenation, I read this idea as the "Things that came out of me bottle with a hole in it."
phundug, Aug 28 2007

       Have you read "The Wasp Factory"?
wagster, Aug 28 2007

       Goldblum baked this in The Fly.
ldischler, Aug 28 2007

       Bloody clothing count?
slippyfist, Aug 28 2007

       No, it's a book by Iaiaiaiain Banks, or however you spell it. There's a lot of collecting of "precious substances" - navel fluff, earwax, nail clippings, etc.
wagster, Aug 28 2007

       //no degradation over time// This sounds very degrading, with the shame growing as one matures.   

       Not original and no invention. [-]
baconbrain, Aug 28 2007

       I have a mold of my teeth that my dentist made when I had a pair of crowns done. Does that count?
shapu, Aug 28 2007

       sometimes I said things that are not ladylike... frame that.
po, Aug 28 2007

       [wags], Indeed I have, but it wasn't my inspiration.   

       <Off Topic> It just so happens that my favourite all time book is by the uncannililily similarly named Iaiaiaiain M. Banks - "The Player of Games". </OT>
jtp, Aug 28 2007

       BTW - Why so many bones? Are we not all fascinated when our bodies eject such detritus?   

       I'm tempted to bone this myself just so that it gains double-bone status.
jtp, Aug 28 2007

       The problem with this idea is it wouldn't stop there. As these display cases became more popular, people would start competing, each wanting to be the one with the most freakish and unusual items in their display case. What began as a quirky fad would soon become a frenzied addiction. Parents would force-feed their children lego bricks to give their kids a head-start over their classmates' TTCOOM collections.   

       Gangs of TTCOOM addicts would roam the streets, swallowing stones, discarded crisp packets, and small cats, just so they can vomit them back up and put them in their display cases. Political commentators would describe Bush's vomiting at a formal dinner with the Japanese government as a respectful way to commemorate the occasion, by adding the vomit to the President's TTCOOM case.   

       And the price of walnuts would go up since all the trees would be getting chopped down to make display cases. No-one wants that.
imaginality, Aug 29 2007


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