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soft impact kitchen cabinet doors

prevent do-it-yourself lobotomies with cabinet doors that don't have sharp edges and absorb impacts
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space age materials could allow for cabinet doors to bend and flex, allowing impacts, and then they'd reform to their original shape. We'd therefore substantially decrease the number of stitches-requiring cranial mishaps that occur in kitchens across the globe.
mercuryman, Jan 04 2001


       I know a family that has cupboard doors with glass in them, only they left out the glass, so they can just reach straight through. Throws you off the first time you see them do it.   

       Why doesn't someone make sliding cupboards, to eliminate the corners that swing out to head range?
centauri, Jan 04 2001

       Then Jackie Chan would be minus a plot device. Actually, I built cabinets for 5 years. Sliding doors have many disadvantages. Cumbersome, space-consuming, fragility...I could go on and on. They are more a curse than a blessing in terms of upkeep as well. This is from the standpoint of the consumer as well as the cabinetmaker. And no, it was not for lack of skill on mine or my peers part.
thumbwax, Jan 04 2001

       As long as the cupboards dont *attempt* to look like wood, that sounds like a good idea, and for other things too. If the substance only bent for impacts and not gentle changes in force, it would be perfect for childrens' playgrounds.
badoingdoing, Jan 04 2001

       I've never seen a children's playground that had kitchen cabinets...<grin>
PotatoStew, Jan 04 2001

       With bicycle rear view mirror attached?
thumbwax, Jan 05 2001

       Wait... why do we have cabinet doors at all? Why not just leave them off entirely? I guess they make things look tidier by hiding the mess behind them, but is that really worth it? Without doors, you'd never have to search through all the cabinets again -- just look around.
egnor, Jan 06 2001

       yeah, or you could just watch where you're going..
djhotsauce, Jan 06 2001

       Is there any way you could incorporate this "wonder material" into building ceiling fans? As an individual that stands over 6ft. tall, low ceilings and long fan shafts have been a constant worry.   

       Now where did that ear go?
Reverend D, Jun 02 2001

       I have a rubber desk fan on precisely that principle.
jutta, Jun 02 2001

       Egnor, some people have a fetish for hiding things. Have to make sure nobody is offended by their dishes...   

       Rev_D, A friend's house was apparently built by short people in the late 40's. It's all concrete block, but one course short. Their low-aspect ceiling fan will catch me right across the eyes. I feel your pain. I kept threatening to bring either pipe insulation to cover the edges of the blades with, or to break in with a screwdriver one night and remove them entirely.
StarChaser, Jun 02 2001


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