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Window Ailerons

Extendable Ailerons for your Car Windows.
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Weather permitting, I prefer driving with my windows down. There are several valid reasons for this preference, such as the added safety of hearing the traffic around you, or , (as it is with me), the ability to rest my arm on the bottom edge of the open window.

If you have ever spent a great deal of time at highway speeds with your window down, you must be aware of the deafening noise this creates, along with the constant wind buffeting that is wont to re-direct your cigarette butt back into the car from time to time.

As a paratrooper (aka the cigarette butt being flicked out the window), I was used to plunging into 130 mph turbulence, as I exited the aircraft; however I was astonished to find myself standing on a platform outside of the aircraft without a lick of wind sheer when I jumped the C-17 Globemaster, toward the end of my paratrooping days.

This strange phenomenon is due to a pocket of low-pressure created by aerodynamic contouring to the fore of the paratrooper exit.

With a properly contoured aileron that extends from the leading edge of the car window, such a pocket could be created over the open window, making for a quieter, smoother and possibly more aerodynamic ride (with windows down), and of course a much safer cigarette flick.

MikeD, Nov 07 2008

Auto window visor http://autoracingub...tvisor-4-piece.html
Thingy that fits over window and keeps rain out. [theGem, Nov 07 2008]


       [+] for the possibility of re-introducing quarter-windows which demise has haunted me for decades.
FlyingToaster, Nov 07 2008

       They make a window visor that keeps the rain out (link). Your ailerons sounds like it's bigger then this, but take a look. I had a quarter window on my MGB and loved it for rainy days when you didn't need the A/C on.
theGem, Nov 07 2008

       You get a (+) for the idea and the tech, but please assure me that you don't throw butts out of your car.
normzone, Nov 07 2008

       Thermoformed acrylic airflow deflectors such as you describe were available in the UK during the 1960's and 70's as an aftermarket accessory.
8th of 7, Nov 07 2008

       //but please assure me that you don't throw butts out of your car//   

       I used to flick butts out the window. Now I roll the "cherry" off, and toss the butt in the ash-tray.   

       I hope you feel better now.
MikeD, Nov 08 2008

       a (used) pistol shell is just the right size for "butting out"; got one glued to the ashtray.
FlyingToaster, Nov 08 2008

       .45 ACP ?
8th of 7, Nov 09 2008

       9mil. 45'd work just as well though; probably better since you don't have to be as accurate.
FlyingToaster, Nov 10 2008

       I live in So Cal. We get nervous about such things.
normzone, Nov 10 2008


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