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The Sick Bed

Takes care of you when you can't take care of yourself.
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So you wake up this morning with the worst case of flu you have ever had. Your spouse is at work your kids are at school and you're on your own for the rest of the day. What are you going to do. Climb into the sick bed of course. It's a fully enclosed unit that not only filters your germs, it takes care of you as well. The sick bed would include these features:
*A heating/cooling unit to deal with chills and hot flashes
*Hot and cold running water in a bed side sink to assist with Vomitus
*An udjustable massage mattress for aches and pains
*Pre-stocked chicken soup cans would heat and auto dispense to get you through this
*a small refrigerated unit would hold a supply of 7-up
*A phone so you don't have to get up
*Pre stocked talking medicine cabinet that is programed to tell you when to take meds
*Tv/radio/internet for when you're starting to feel better.
*and anything else you could think of that would make your short stay more pleasant As far as using the bathroom, your on your own there. lol
Boots, Jan 05 2003

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       [comment on my medicine cabinet having been the target of stalkers retracted now that the spelling is fixed]
krelnik, Jan 05 2003

       Laugh as you will now, but wait till your really sick and realize you want this. :)
Boots, Jan 06 2003

       I like this idea, but what happens if your just a fat and lazy couch potato who just can't be arsed to do anything? Would the sick bed know?
talen, Jan 06 2003

       been thinking swiss army sick bed - all day
po, Jan 06 2003

       STOCKED! The word is "stocked" not "stalked"!
El Pedanto, Jan 06 2003

       I dunno, the idea of stalks on soup cans is quite appealing. Unlike the possible alternative I was dreading when I clicked on this idea.
PeterSilly, Jan 06 2003

       Boots, to get a single carriage return here, use <b_r> (without the underscore) at the end of each line. It's one of the site quirks.
RayfordSteele, Jan 06 2003

       I picture a soup can with a protruding stalk, like those "potato masher" German WWII grenades. You could pull the tab off the can then hurl the soup into your mouth. Petersilly, you are welcome to expand this concept into a seperate idea with a guaranteed hot crois bun from yours truly.
bungston, Jan 06 2003

       OOPS! My bad on the "stalked" was watching COPS at the time. LOL. Thanks for the tip on carriage return : )
Boots, Jan 06 2003

       Good. Now figure out the difference between "your" and "you're". I'll say this for you [Boots], at least you're polite and trainable. Your parents did well. Get it?
El Pedanto, Jan 06 2003

       Damn that spell checker!!!!
Boots, Jan 06 2003

       If the sick bed comes into existance then people will leave you in it and there won't be any of the fun of watching people wait on you all day. For a day you can be a king. In this your just you some fancy gadgetry.
talen, Jan 07 2003

       Yoohoo [El Pedanto] <points finger at talen>   

       This is cute [Boots] but it definitely needs a programmable robotic arm to retrieve the book of your choice from a nearby bookshelf.
madradish, Jan 07 2003

       Another WIBNI: Automatic Cow Milker for bartholemew jehosephat
FloridaManatee, Jan 07 2003


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