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waistwatch or lungwatch

The waist-watching or lung-saving watch
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Two pieces:

1. a discrete transmitter which can be worn on a necklace or pinned inside a shirt.

2. a wristwatch

When the wristwatch senses that it has been brought near the transmitter, near the head, it beeps several times. The waistwatch prompts to know if you're eating and, if so, if it's a snack or a meal. The lungwatch prompts to ask if you're having a cigarette.

The idea is merely to make you conscious of when you're eating/smoking and to interrupt the mindlessness of the habit. Many obese people eat out of boredom and idle habit. Ditto smoking.

The watch lets you know how long it's been since you last ate/smoked, and waistwatch suggests that you may be having too much/too little food. It's even possible to track calories consumed.

Either could be programmed to tune behavior over a period of time. Smokers can be warned if having more cigarettes than a quitting goal allows. The obese can be brought into a more healthy eating routine.

snowfox, Dec 12 2000


       pretty annoying if you have an itchy nose, are using sign language, hail a taxi, or basically move your arms. FISHBONE!!!
etherman, Apr 27 2004

       I don't think it's such a bad idea, and etherman I wouldn't expect most people who use sign language to be bothered by a beeping noise... I eat constantly out of boredom and don't seem to put on weight, but I don't doubt as I get older I would find more need for this.
fridge duck, Mar 02 2005


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