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Wrist-Braced Video Game Controller

Hours of gameplay without the cramping...
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For persons (like yours truly) with arthritis, the most difficult part of enjoying video games can be the hand-cramping caused by having to hold the controller with the middle, ring, and pinky finger of each hand while the thumb and index finger manipulate the controls. (I'm basing this off the PS2 controller, for the curious.)

What about a video game controller that involves two flat plastic casing designed to fit under the hand and strap across the upper palm and wrist? One hand's free fingers could control a button array, the other hand's free fingers manipulate a small joystick. The two signals are wired together and brought into a single controller port.

dagonet, Jan 23 2004


       I definitely think some ergonomic research should be done on these things, they've become ubiquitous.
krelnik, Jan 25 2004


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