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Where's Waldo?

A game show for the 21st century
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A televised gameshow where contestants vie to identify the general geographic location of an ambualtory robot. Contestants get to see and hear exactly what the waldo sees and hears, and can manipulate and maneuver the waldo to take a look around. Cues and clues are within a reasonable distance of the robot, so that the average contestant has a good chance to win (no fair putting the robot on a snow field unless there are penguins or polar bears around).

Rounds continue until only one contestant remains. The winner gets an all expense trip to the last identified locale.

([fireraven] I accidentaly deleted your annotation - I'm sorry! Flipping between windows too quickly...)

phoenix, Sep 22 2001

The company that copyrighted the name "Waldo" http://www.character-shop.com/waldo.html
"Now, we've been accused of ripping Mr. Heinlein off; that's far from the case." Uh huh. [Jim, Sep 22 2001]


       Mephista like the geography lesson idea but it could be a CD rom geography game
po, Sep 23 2001

       I hadn't thought about the "home version" but you're right - this would be easy to bake on CD. Maybe something like Myst.
phoenix, Sep 23 2001

       Sounds like fun. What do I win?   

       It would also depend upon the level of control of the robot combined with it's distance from a contestant. One could cheat and walk the robot home. Where's Waldo? Right here.
sdm, Sep 23 2001

       You could do this on the internet (sort of). Someone opens a webcam- then you have to guess where it is. Only problem is you dont win anything.
Fireraven, Sep 23 2001

       I like it! It wouldn't have to be a robot -- it could be a person that you can communicate with. Added fun when the person is in another country and doesn't speak the language of the contestant.
awesomest, Jul 30 2013

       It is not possible to know Waldo's location and momentum simultaneously.
tatterdemalion, Jul 30 2013

       /it could be a person that you can communicate with. /   

       Would this be a radio show? Maybe 20 questions?   

       I like the idea of the polyglot quiz guest trying to sort out what language he or she could communicate in.
bungston, Jul 30 2013


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