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The Tea-Spit Machine

Because enough is enough!
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Where I come from, tea isn't taken lightly. "How do you like your tea?" isn't such a joy to hear nowadays. You have to make your own list of specific descriptions..

when it's tea-time, the host patiently collects everyone's list and then enters the kitchen to struggle with the details.

Furthermore, and to make the struggle more and more tedious, the worst guest is the "mazagangies" as we call them.

Mazagangies usually despise the easy teapacks. Only loose tea is respected by tea-lovers around here.

So instead of pouring hot water over it, then pouring it in another cup with a strainer,..etc.

We just insert the lists into our Tea-Spit Machine, place it right over the cup with hot water and it should do the trick! Spit the loose tea into and out of the cup several times untill it's exactly good enough for each individual guest! And spare the host all the tea-trouble..

I figured the only problem is that it would probably be hard to un-spit all the particles for the machine, but physics has to eventually find an answer!

swirlyivy, Sep 28 2007

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