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Swivel Throne.

For the Monarch With a Sense of Fun.
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A swivel throne combines all the fun and usability of a rotating desk chair with the most up-market of all chairs, the throne.

The four legs of a normal conventional throne would be attatched to a circular disc. There would be solid gold adorned with delicately worked filigree, encrusted with emeralds, rubys and crushed pearls covering the edges and sides of this so that the disc can spin freely without falling off. This piece of plastic would be connected to several of those desk-chair style wheels to allow for easy movement in many different directions.

Just think of all the orders from the monarchs tired of their old boring fixed thrones.

hidden truths, Aug 22 2005


       My, we are in furniture design mode today [hidden]!
wagster, Aug 22 2005

       <off topic>I remember the story of some third world monarch who ordered an electric chair from the States. When it arrived, they remembered they had no electricity - so the king used it as a throne.</ot>
moomintroll, Aug 22 2005

       //piece of plastic// Piece of plastic?!? Surely this should read //solid gold adorned with delicately worked filigree, encrusted with emeralds, rubys and crushed pearls// no?
zen_tom, Aug 22 2005

       //For the monarch with a sense of fun//   

       That rules ours out, then. Miserable old trout.
squeak, Aug 22 2005

       I had been planning this for the last couple of days and noticed the Devilment Door as I logged in and thought that you might need some new evil upholstery to go with it. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Apparently it wasn't.   

       Thanks for the spelling correction [zen_tom]. It's much better now.
hidden truths, Aug 22 2005


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