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Ultimate Horror Experience

To rekindle that lost feeling called 'fear'...
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This would be the ultimate fix for horror connoisseurs who have grown numb to ordinary horror movies and stories.

The location can be anywhere, but ideally something like an old run-down theater in the dark desolate countryside, beside a cemetary.

After paying your ticket, you’re left all alone in the theater – or so you think. Then the movie starts.

The chair you’re sitting on seems to have a mind of its own, creaking onimously and jerking unexpectedly at times. Just when you think you’re safe, hairy or slimy things will reach out from the darkness to touch you, or nearly. When the character on the screen hears strange noises, you begin to hear it too… behind your back. When they glimpse shadows, so do you…

And then, this ghostly horror creeps down the long dark hall on the screen, getting bigger and closer and then it crawls *out* of the screen and down the aisle towards you. At the same time, cuffs and straps spring up from your chair and bind you helpless…

And when you think it’s all over and try to exit the theater, you find that the horror has only just begun. The exit has moved, and you find yourself in a hellish realm where new horrors assaulting your senses every few seconds.

Then the plot could get even more bizarre, like you getting kidnapped by insane aliens and taken to an evil temple to be sacrificed to the Blood God, or something like that. The point is you never know what’s going to happen next, or when it ceases to be entertainment and become reality…

Each season of the theater could have a different plot/program so you always get fresh surprises. All this and more could conceivably be done with technology, and if we as the horror consumer get a kick out of it and are willing to pay for it, and people who program the thing get a kick from it, why not?

And your experience could be filmed as a movie and sold in its own right… even if you don’t make it out alive.

baboo, Apr 11 2002

April Fool's Day http://us.imdb.com/Title?0090655
A similar concept. [angel, Apr 11 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]

William Castle, master of the movie gimmick. http://www.moviefor...immicks/index.shtml
Castle wasn't the only one to do this. Hitchcock locked the doors of theatres for "Psycho". [waugsqueke, Apr 11 2002]


       Throw in some Absolut and some cuties and you've got a Swedish stag party.
FarmerJohn, Apr 11 2002

       Yes. Reading this idea . . . and realising there is more coming up.
neelandan, Apr 11 2002

       Vincent Price would be proud
thumbwax, Apr 11 2002

       Cool, but I think it would only work well once. And you might have problems with insurance.
phoenix, Apr 11 2002

       Baked eons ago by William Castle. A link shall ensue.   

       baboo, you're flooding the market, and this is starting to take its toll on your œSX bond rating.
waugsqueke, Apr 11 2002

       If you want hairy, slimy things to reach out from the darkness and touch you, or nearly, we could go out sometime.
bungston, Mar 14 2004


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