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The Zombie

What if it's love?
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Zombies are very popular lately. Unlike vampires which come in many flavors, modern zombies come in one flavor - zombie apocalypse night-of-the-living dead zombies. Generally they are treated as a natural force, and the story turns on the efforts of the living to deal with zombie and each other.

But consider the zombie. What if a zombie is motivated by love? Maybe the eating of flesh is similar to Lenny in Mice and Men, who loved cuddly things so much he squeezed them to death. This movie would be from the perspective of zombies and their interactions with each other - something as yet seen only in passing. Humans would be depicted as luminously beautiful and frustratingly fast moving: like elves, or angels. Their speech is like birdsong. On reanimation these qualities are lost, a cause for sadness.

I envision this as an art film, 30-45 minutes, in black and white. Yearning for the unattainable will be the main subject. As there would be little or no intelligible speech, music, mime and interpretive dance would carry the narrative.

bungston, Nov 03 2010

I Am Legend http://en.wikipedia...I_Am_Legend_(novel)
Original inspiration for the zombie genre films. [DrBob, Nov 04 2010]

Colin, I probably went to school with him http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colin_(film)
[po, Nov 04 2010]

Warm Bodies (2013) https://en.wikipedi.../Warm_Bodies_(film)
Kinda similar to this idea. Based on a novel, but this is a movie idea, so I linked to the movie. [notexactly, Aug 27 2017]


       I used to employ a girl who moved in zombie mode. She also exhibited symptoms of having had her brains consumed by someone or something, at some time.
infidel, Nov 03 2010

       [bungston] I am moved by the poetry of your post! I bestow upon you one unbitten croissant yearning for the love of being all consumed...
xandram, Nov 03 2010

       Trying not to imagine a modern, interpretive dance scene involving zombies. Actually, it's probably quite funny when you think about it.
infidel, Nov 03 2010

       What [xandram] said: The idea is good, but the way it's fleshed out is outstanding. [++]
mouseposture, Nov 04 2010


       DonJuan of the Dead...this time it's personal.   

       // mime and interpretive dance would carry the narrative //   

       I like this because the concept of zombie mimes implies dead mimes beforehand.
DrWorm, Nov 04 2010

       Modern folkloric zombies do come in flavors though, albeit not this one. [+] However, Shelley's Frankenstein has much revolving around the monster's reaction to human things he had lost such as being loved by others. In this respect, he can be considered very close to your flavor of zombie. [-] I dunno, it's just a bunch of roughed up bloody actors being sad while they watch people loving each other. [-] There will be a climax and it will most likely be a zombie suicide or a mass zombie suicide and that might be pretty moving. [++]. So, [+]
daseva, Nov 04 2010

       Strangely, bung, your idea is not a million miles away from the original inspiration for 'Night of the Living Dead'. In the original, and excellent, novel 'I Am Legend' by Richard Matheson, the zombies/vampires turned out to be the good guys and it was the 'normal' guy who turned out to be the monster.
DrBob, Nov 04 2010

       Bun! [+]
Grogster, Nov 04 2010

       then again, Colin. I never did GET it.
po, Nov 04 2010

       you rock
Voice, Nov 06 2010

       // the concept of zombie mimes implies dead mimes beforehand. //   

       No-one's going to have any compunction about smashing a mime's brains (if any) out with a baseball bat, let alone a ravening zombie mine ...   

       The lack of the traditional zombie moaning might be a problem, though. Maybe they could hold up flashcards ...   

       Due to the makeup, it might be very difficult to discriminate between a live mime and a dead zombie mime, resulting in live un-zombified mimes getting decapitated or having their skulls smashed with blunt objects. So really, there's no downside...
8th of 7, Sep 12 2014


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