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Three Robots and a Baby

a sci-fi comedy
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Starring C3PO(from Star Wars), Bender(from Futurama), and a Dalek(from Dr.Who). A feel good movie with a gangster subplot and a creepy "ghost" thrown in for good measure.
jaksplat, Apr 14 2008

The inspiration http://en.wikipedia...hree_Men_and_a_Baby
[jaksplat, Apr 14 2008]

(?) "these robots are driving me to drink!" http://videodetecti...os/027/001144_8.jpg
[xandram, Apr 15 2008]


       So you want a gay robot, a larcenous bending robot, and an alien killing machine to take care of a baby? I really dislike plot suggestions, and I dislike this one more than usual. That first fishbone is mine. Exterminate!
baconbrain, Apr 14 2008

       This sounds like the setup for a joke. "Three robots and a baby walk into a bar..."
qt75rx1, Apr 14 2008

       ...the first robot limboed under the bar.
The second robotapulted over it.
The third bent the bar out of its way.


       The baby had of course died of internal injuries by this time.   

       ...what am I thinking?..
...babies don't walk.

       Meh, it's better than another screwball teenage coming of age movie.
Noexit, Apr 15 2008

       Why do you have to steal other people's robots for your idea? Why can't you think up your own robots?
phundug, Apr 15 2008

       and who is the baby? The one from "Look Who's Talking"? []
xandram, Apr 15 2008

       What, Bruce Willis?
theleopard, Apr 15 2008

       Stewie Griffin, maybe?   

       [phundug] my own robots are not smart enough to take care of a baby.
jaksplat, Apr 15 2008


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