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The "Sorry" Reponse System of People Traffic

One solution to pedestrian pile-ups
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Don't you hate running into people on sidewalks and in crowded building corridors? One solution to keep people moving is The "Sorry" Response System of People Traffic based on the boardgame Sorry. "Sorry" Response Areas would be specially designated for high-volume areas. It works as follows: Person one is stationary in high-volume area. Person two is incoming and stops at person one's spot. The result? Person one is "bumped" (i.e. escorted by a "Sorry" Response System technician) to the nearest home base (i.e. nearest entrance to the high-volume area). This would certainly cut down on loitering in the middle of busy traffic areas. (small print - there are numerous problems with this... most likely it would cause mass running with people richoting off each other. Indecisive hall walkers would form a group to lobby Congress to make the "Sorry" System illegal. However... the basic idea of incorporating the rules of Sorry into mall traffic is too good to let go. Amendments appreciated.)
TallGuy65, Feb 12 2002


       I withdraw my objection and fall in with the others. I thought . . oh never mind.
bristolz, Feb 12 2002

       Hehe. Funny, jurist.  You're just too chicken, like me.
bristolz, Feb 12 2002

       Peter... my original idea was a giant hand from the vending machines. I stratched it... unsure of the "reality limitations" imposed here on half-baked conceptions. In addition, "Sorry" Response System technician has a nice ring to it. I'd hire stodgy referees from the European soccer (er... football) leagues. ...Happy to know the original objections have been removed too.
TallGuy65, Feb 12 2002

       It's a neat idea and would be fun to watch, but what if I'm waiting for an elevator? Or waiting to get a drink from the fountain? What if my 6 year old is in the bathroom and I'm waiting for her to come out?
phoenix, Feb 12 2002

       apparently the thing you do in corridors when you avoid someone and they avoid you in the same way and you bounce from side to side trying to get past each other... apparently the word for that is 'epping'; I suppose the verb is 'to epp'.
sappho, Feb 12 2002

       I'm having one of my moments again. No idea what this is about.
angel, Feb 12 2002

       Might I suggest crediting the original and calling this the "Parcheesi" Response system. Otherwise, I'm like angel in that I have no clue what this is about.
waugsqueke, Feb 12 2002

       obviously I don't either and am just along for the ride
bristolz, Feb 12 2002

       What I think the idea means:
In the board game sorry the aim is to move your pieces around the board. It is a lot like ludo. Anyway - the point is that if you land on an oponents piece you say sorry and their piece is sent back to the start.

       I asume this is the same... all the people are trying to leave but if an opposing pedestrian stops on the square you are on then you get sent to the start.   

       There does not really seem to be a point allthough TallGuy seems to think it would reduce crowding... maybe as a deterent for slow people?
RobertKidney, Feb 12 2002

       If the "moll" is that busy, don't go. If you must, just barge in. Bugger pretty systems. Nice idea though.   

       Sorry, I've had enough for one day.   

       I'm reminded of a quote from the the Dalai Lama when he visited London. In the underground he refused to run to catch a train saying (paraphrasing) "there will be another along in a minute, why rush?" (Courtesy: Dervla Murphy)
grob, Feb 12 2002


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