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Thoroughfare Throughway Throttle Thwarter

Keeping crowds uncrowded
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I can live with being rubbed the wrong way in a store full of sales shoppers or making a detour around a three-abreast phalanx of mothers with babies on the sidewalk. On the other hand, when approaching the curb on a pedestrian crosswalk or nearing an exit door or getting off an escalator, I mind being blocked by a group engaged in animated conversation that has strategically placed itself in the middle of the flow. These people seem unaware of the irritation caused and safety risks posed.

The Thoroughfare Throughway Throttle Thwarter would be installed at these pressure points to register stagnated blockage via infrared sensors. The offending throng would be dispersed by icey-cold air (or uncomfortaby hot air in the summer) blown up through holes in the walkway a la Marilyn Monroe.

FarmerJohn, May 26 2002

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A different problem and a different solution [FarmerJohn, May 26 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]

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[kmlabs, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Hah! I call these people "blockers" and they are a pet peeve of mine.
bristolz, May 26 2002

       Absolutely - these ignorant groups seem to have regular chat sessions scheduled during their shopping time, thus maximising supermarket aisle blockage. Croissant (if I can get near the bakery section...)
drew, May 26 2002

       I have this wonderful mental image of UnaBubba having to push through a crowd of angry protesters (insulted newbs?) camping out on his lawn every morning...
yamahito, May 26 2002

       I go for the pick up a lot of speed and walk right through them route myself. Very rude I know, but I have to walk through a very tourist heavy part of London to get to the office.
mcscotland, May 26 2002

       There's a cafe in the city where I currently live which insists on putting tables outside on the four foot wide pavement, right next to a fairly busy road. Is there a modification for discouraging this?
yamahito, May 26 2002

       No problem, it can move tables, cars, whatever.
FarmerJohn, May 26 2002

       Most cities have any number of official offices that will dispel this problem for you, yamahito, from zoning to public safety to liquor licensing...But ask yourself, is it really a nicer street withoug the cafe tables before you lodge the complaint? Living in Los Angeles, I, for one , would be hard pressed to imagine an urban commercially-zoned street that was improved by the absence of sidewalk cafe tables, but that's just me, and an acknowledgement of how little pedestrians tend to use the existing eight foot sidewalks in most parts of this city.
jurist, May 26 2002

       Definite croissant. Walking through London is HELL, people! Check out trampoline pavement - you could bounce right over the offending throng... (Sorry, how do I add a link?)
kmlabs, Jul 14 2003

       copy the URL of your choice. click open the link button under the idea itself and paste onto the central strip thingy that opens. write a brief description in the top strip thingy. and click ok. should work but its been a long day, sorry :)   

       I work in a school for very little children, can you tell?
po, Jul 14 2003

       thanks po! see link above...
kmlabs, Jul 15 2003

       Bravo [FJ] and what [kmlabs] said re: London.
gnomethang, Jul 15 2003

       I've also noticed that side walk hogging pedestrians will move if you floor the accelerator... but I suppose you could just drive on the road.
JesseOQ, Aug 06 2003

       Hooray for Unabubba and his common assault of protesters. The laughing policeman should have arrested you.
BunsenHoneydew, Mar 27 2004

       What BunsenHoneydew said. Assult is a crime.
Voice, Jan 28 2009

       Simple and effective!
paix120, Feb 01 2009


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