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The "Spork"

Fork that converts to a spoon
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The "Spork" is a rounded fork with one little button at the top that converts it into a spoon. When the button is clicked, additional prongs come out between the fork prongs, filling in the empty spaces and converting the fork into a spoon. This is an excellent utensil for eating things such as "cup-a-soup", where you often need to use a fork and spoon together for the broth and the noodles, or just to keep handy at work or while traveling.
Samah, Nov 28 2000

Spork http://www.spork.org/
There already is something called a spork, albeit a buttonless one; imagine a spoon that has short prongs carved into one side. You used to get them at KFC. Maybe call it a "foon" instead? [jutta, Nov 28 2000]

xkcd #419 http://www.xkcd.com/419/
You're toying with powerful forces here. [jutta, May 09 2008]

Runciple spoon http://rds.yahoo.co...wiki/Runcible_spoon
Perhaps... [ye_river_xiv, May 09 2008]


       Taco Bell has sporks, sometimes. The thing to do with a spork when you're done is to press on the bowl with your thumbs and invert it, thus making it a 'foon'.   

       Don't try this with the Taco Bell ones, though; they're a hard plastic and will shatter, shredding your fingertips. I speak from experience...
StarChaser, Nov 28 2000

       there were occasional "sporkfights" when I was in school. When flexed sharply from both ends, the spork inevitably cracked in two places across the handle, launching a jagged plastic projectile.
djymm, Apr 01 2001

       The spork is the single most iconic item I have ever heard or seen or read about.
General Washington, Oct 06 2002

       Does this idea actually predate the common use of sporks or is there something about this that I am missing other than the novelty, yet unnecessary electronic function?
hidden truths, Apr 26 2005

       pita to clean, though
FlyingToaster, May 09 2008

       I spent some time at xkcd #419. Very [notmarkflynn].
wagster, May 09 2008

       Are you sure it isn't a runcible spoon? My momma always told me that's what sporks really were.
ye_river_xiv, May 09 2008


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