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Wall of Shame

Commemoration of those who should be ashamed of themselves.
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This community monument would serve as a public recognition of shameful acts to be preserved in cool, hard granite so that their shame shall be known for all time.
jhomrighaus, Jan 09 2007


       Trouble is, [jhomrighaus], too many of the worst offenders would take pride in appearing there.   

       For example, in the UK there's a magazine called Private Eye which has a fine history of exposing and ridiculing abusers of power in all its forms. Sometimes, it actually works (apparently, company directors have been heard to say to their boards, "That's all very well, but what if this got into Private Eye?"). However, it's also said that you're nobody in Britain *until* you've been 'shamed' in Private Eye.
pertinax, Jan 09 2007

       Likewse, those places in the UK where you're nobody until you've got an ASBO (Anti-Social Behaviour Order).
hippo, Jan 09 2007

       The Egyptians took names off their records, I think. Enough money ought to be able to do the same no matter how hard the carving surface.
I comment, because I think this is an idea worth thinking about, unlike some others.
Perhaps I'm'n arse, but WTF is going on these days?
Zimmy, Jan 09 2007

       You'd need a lot more granite than you'll ever find, no matter how small the font.   

       EDIT: Let's assume you have limited space, and it's all filled. Do you file off one person's bad deeds because it wasn't quite as bad as something someone else did more recently, and you felt the need to put the newbie up there? If nothing else, it would make the original do-badder or his kinfolk feel a little better.
shapu, Jan 09 2007

       //Perhaps I'm'n arse, but WTF is going on these days?// - Don't worry [Zimmy], it flows one way then t'other. If all the rubbish bothers you, then take issue with it (or just order a new sheet of [m-f-d] stickers).
wagster, Jan 09 2007

       Not quite as cohesive as a big block of granite, but: Jerry Springer, Caught on Camera, YouTube, etc.
nick_n_uit, Jan 12 2007

       Who puts the person's name of the wall? The accuser OR the accusee (by dictum).
flynn, Jan 12 2007

       I assume the sculptur of this monument won't be signing this piece of work. but really though [+]
shinobi, Jan 12 2007

       they could sing a song too: "Shame ! I'm gonna live for ever..... "
xenzag, Jan 12 2007


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