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Theater of the Absurd

wandering troupe of actors staging practical jokes and such, in real life.
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this is an idea from a friend, you and a friend or two go around town staging absurd acts. here's a sketch: two guys go into a bakery (a real bakery), and ask for a cream pie. they pay for the pie, then one guy takes it, shoves it in the other guy's face, they thank the cashier and leave. hopefully someone gets this on tape. so these people go around the city pulling pranks and such, like this, in real life situations.

here's one you can do at home: buy two or three blowup dolls, seat them in your living room with clothes, drinks, magazines, etc.. then go out and make a friend. hang out for a week or two, often making reference to your roommates. then invite your new friend over to your house. when he comes over, introduce him to your 'roommates', who are seated in the living room. ask if anyone's watching the TV, bring out beers for everyone. after a few minutes, when your friend is getting quite antsy, have your *real* roomate walk through the room and say "hi sean (you), hi frank, hi bill, here's that $5 i owe ya..." (hilarity ensues as your friend quickly excuses himself)

mr shrum, Mar 22 2001

San Francisco Cacaphony Society http://www.zpub.com/caco/
(There are other local branches, too, but I can't find a generic link.) [jutta, Mar 22 2001]

Guerilla Theatre: Dorkorg.com http://www.dorkorg.com/theorg/
The canonical term for what you describe is "guerillla theatre/theater", maybe with a slightly more political bent. [jutta, Mar 22 2001]

Mona Guerilla Theater http://www.bizbag.c...rilla%20Theater.htm
Our gods have blue skin and ride peacocks! [jutta, Mar 22 2001]

Scare Tactics www.scifi.com/scaretactics
Show on the Sci-Fi channel with host Shannen Doherty [thecat, Oct 04 2004]

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       MTV has a show called Jackass that does a lot of stuff like this.
blahginger, Mar 22 2001

       I was sure from the title that this would have to do with politics.....
Susen, Mar 22 2001

       here's another one: find a newspaper dispenser, buy one, but take all the papers out leave them on top of the box. put a rock or something on the stack so they don't blow away....
mr shrum, Mar 27 2001

       Yes? What? Oh, wait. I'm sorry, you said "absurd"... nevermind.
absterge, Mar 27 2001

       mr shrum sounds like a wild and crazy guy!
snarfyguy, May 02 2003


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