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Theatre Concession

Put Raisinettes and Goobers in the same box
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Why hasn't Nestle made a new product combining Raisinettes and Goobers in the same box? Goobinettes? Raisers? Raisoobers?
zenji, Aug 02 2000

Turkish Delight Recipes http://www.cs.cmu.e...l/sds-turk-del.html
[sirrobin, Aug 02 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Could you explain what raisinettes and Goobers are please? Ta.
Lemon, Aug 02 2000

       Chocolate-covered raisins and chocolate-covered peanuts, respectively (if my memory serves; it's been ages since I spent money on cinema food).
bookworm, Aug 02 2000

       I'd say the reason is that they'd stand to lose money.   

       If you'd buy raisinettes AND goobers in the same box, then you'd definitely buy raisinettes OR goobers alone at least, and might even buy raisinettes AND goobers in two different boxes.
mcfrank, Aug 04 2000

       Because then you'd shake them out, eat them together, and it would be like eating a chocolate/ peanut/raisin cluster, so why not just sell those instead.
polkamon, Aug 11 2000

       Good idea. Truly. But I hope you guys aren't paying those high prices. I always just bring my own goodies to the theatre.
Vance, Jan 30 2001

       There's no need to really smuggle it, either. Especially at daytime shows. My friend once set his can of Pringles and bottle of Pepsi on the counter while he dug out his money to buy his ticket, and then picked them up again and walked in.
DreamGoddess, Jan 30 2001

       I am almost certain that such a product exists. Its name escapes me. I bought them in Preston (Lancs) once. But surely it can't be _that_ difficult to mix them together in a bag?
rjswanson, Apr 06 2001

       What's 'Turkish delight'? It sounds like something you might see in a pr0n movie...
StarChaser, Apr 07 2001

       Or make your own (see link).
sirrobin, Apr 07 2001

       Yum turkish delight!   

       It is possible to buy choclate covered raisins and peanuts in the same packet, but it's really more of a health food shop thing, although it's not not really that healthy.
bezzzie1, Jan 26 2004


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