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Sweet Onion Dessert

Breed onion variety so sweet it can be served for dessert.
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If an onion variety could be bred that was truly dessert sweet: It could produce as planted each year. (apple and orange trees take years to produce) It would be an easy crop for the home gardner. It would add a little more variety to life.
hangingchad, Nov 04 2004

onions are bulbs... http://aggie-hortic.../onions/onions.html
...they lurk in the soil waiting to grow. apples and oranges are fruit and sweet; designed to attract whatever/whoever to eat them and to distribute the seeds contained within. [po, Nov 04 2004]

Wonderful Washington Sweet Onion http://www.foodprod...=30303-super-onions
Purportedly nearly sweet enough to eat by itself as a cool dessert. [jurist, Nov 05 2004]


       Even if a sweet onion could be bred, people couldn't get rid of the mental picture of the taste of an onion, and probably wouldn't think of it as something nice for dessert.
Pericles, Nov 04 2004

       Mmmm..Onions and sweet carrot cream.
skinflaps, Nov 04 2004

       po really knows her onions.
etherman, Nov 04 2004

       Actually, if onions are cooked gently, for a long time, they become sweet.
angel, Nov 04 2004

       Just think of eating a tangy, crunchy cold sweet onion. Or, think of chocolate covered onion rings, or onion custard pie, or perhaps cold onionaide in the summertime. Since it is a bulb [po] there are no seeds and since it is an onion there is hardly any skin to remove. Yum, yum.
hangingchad, Nov 04 2004

       Well, they already have onion marmalade. You might like that.
Machiavelli, Nov 04 2004

       The Morrocans cook the most incredible three-layer coucous. Fragrant coucous as a bed, a sort of lamb and vegetable stew on top of that and a topping of sweet red onions fried in caramel and saffron. Not dessert, but sweet and yummy anyway.
wagster, Nov 04 2004

       The only dessert good enough to bring a tear to your eye.   

       //The only dessert good enough to ...//   

       (excepting "tear"-amisu, of course)
jurist, Nov 05 2004

       Of course.   


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