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Survival Grass

Grass that you can eat!
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When in a desperate survival situation, gather grass (or anything that a cow or sheep can eat) and heat to approximately 35 degrees (around the optimal bacteria growth temp.) then add a few tablets full of lactase (I think its lactase, the enzyme cows use to digest grass) and leave for a few hours. You now have a nutritious and probably not so delicious meal that will at least help you linger on for a few days in case a rescue party comes along.

PS I couldn’t find a more suitable category such as Food: Survival and I guess because the enzyme would break it down into sugars it may, in fact actually be sweet!

Jord0, Mar 06 2005


       Ooohh, sugars. Add yeast....when rescue arrives you can serve cocktails. Original idea?
normzone, Mar 06 2005

       I'm not sure about exactly what this "desperate survival situation" is where you have a supply of enzymes (although saliva contains some useful enzymes) and cooking facilities sufficient to keep something at a controlled temperature for several hours.
hippo, Mar 06 2005

       [hippo] - I think the core of the idea is for such enzymes to be available in tablet form.   

       You could just make damper.
Detly, Mar 06 2005

       a pedant's playground, this one. I can't read it anymore.... must.....correct..... spelling....:-O
dentworth, Mar 06 2005

       I think this is a good idea at heart. Carry enzyme tablets to pre-digest indigestible foods in an emergency. Could you tabletize the stuff that lichens use to eat rock? Then you'd really have your ass covered.
wagster, Mar 06 2005

       If only I had a ruminant digestive system. <sigh>
Shz, Mar 06 2005

       I know. I'd love to eat that those lovely fajitas I had for lunch again. And again.
wagster, Mar 06 2005

       Or you could soak the grass in Isopropenal, strain it, and once it evaporates you get a lovely little spread.   

       When I have a fur ball that I can't toss, nothing beats it.
mensmaximus, Mar 06 2005

       That's it: French kiss a cud-ly cow.
FarmerJohn, Mar 06 2005

       Can't decide. I'll have to ruminate on this one.
waugsqueke, Mar 07 2005

       This is a fairly good idea (using [Detly]'s interpretation). +
bristolz, Mar 07 2005


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