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Yummy Yuckiness

Add cotton candy, pour caramel!
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Fake ears, like those worn at halloween, but designed to look real rather than pointy (I know these are baked, the ears are not the idea). Inside the "ear" the sides are lined with caramel. To eat, stick a "Q-tip" made with white cotton candy, and swab out the caramel, and eat it. You've got a tasty, portable treat. Onlookers will think you've got a horrendous wax build-up in your ear, since caramel is about the same color as earwax, and be instantly disgusted and grossed out. Until they see bags of the stuff on candy store shelves.
21 Quest, Oct 04 2007


       this may be original but I think it's too gross to be fun.
dentworth, Oct 04 2007

       I really like this, as you might guess. 21 +
xenzag, Oct 05 2007

       Oh yes, very gross. ++
xandram, Oct 05 2007

       Kinda figured you might.
21 Quest, Oct 05 2007

       hair + caramel + wet cotton candy = sloppy. i once had a hunk of hair cut off because a little girl giving me a hug also spit out her gum. this sounds like it could end up like that. i like candy and all, but...
k_sra, Oct 05 2007


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