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Wardriver Car Security

A car security system that acts as a wardriver to upload information when stolen
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I propose a computer system with the following hardware features:

* omni-directional camera or multiple cameras that would be positioned in areas like the dash and ouside the drivers door and the front and rear bumpers.

* a computer control system with high-sensitivity and powerful transmit (FCC approved) functions on WiFi a/b/g/n

* GPS unit

* various sensors and switches similar to a typical car security system to detect nefarious activity and disable the automobile

The software of this system would utilize the above hardware to optionally, constantly or in the event of a detected theft, connect to WiFi networks and upload, via chosen protocol to chosen server, automatically photographs from the various cameras and GPS coordinates.

In the event that the network is protected, it would automatically start WPA or WEP password decryption attempts in attempt to connect to the network.

other customizable logic would be available and would be highly flexible as any computer controlled security system. Options such as disabling vehicle or periodic image uploads, etc.

neuroelectronic, Oct 24 2008

My earlier take on the subject, but I think I like yours better. DDDD_20Auto_20Alarm
[normzone, Oct 24 2008]


       People would steal that just to get their hands on all the hardware!
jutta, Oct 24 2008

       hahah, but seriously..   

       Most of this hardware can be had very cheap, the only expensive part would be the licensing patents for gps and various other BS software patents. Also, only the cameras would need to be visible, and could be key-hole style.
neuroelectronic, Oct 24 2008

       So this is basically Poor Man's LoJack?
Spacecoyote, Oct 24 2008


       I was trying to accomplish this same thing with some cameras, a computer and a cell phone hookup, but the WiFi would simplify that.   

       I had LoJack installed in my car, but it has it's limitations.   

       There is a time lag for the device to active and notify the headquarters in the midwest to begin the notification sequence, and if your car makes it down to Mexico they write it off rather than try to retrieve it.   

       I just want a system that I can look at from my computer and decide if it's the neighbor bumping my car and I can go back to bed, or if it's time to put on pants and get weaponry and lighting.   

       Can WiFi be readily jammed?
normzone, Oct 24 2008

       Yes it can, and it isn't reliable at all. It doesn't really work unless the car is stationary and within 30 or so feet of a wifi router. If the router is locked, it could take upwards of 10 minutes (with a REALLY good carputer) to crack it, which is illegal btw.   

       Your car's chance of connecting to a wifi connection for long enough to get a signal out while it careens around rural Mexico at 60mph is 1 in a billion. You'd have better luck with SMS.
Spacecoyote, Oct 24 2008

       // You'd have better luck with SMS. //   

       Which is Baked.
8th of 7, Oct 24 2008


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