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There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Goose...

Christmas stuffing
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I don't eat any animals but many do, especially at Christmas. Most often consumed by human carnivores is a Turkey or Goose, which is suitably stuffed with a variety of contents, after its own innards have been removed. (a process I used to assist my mother to complete).

The idea here is to stuff the large animal with a series of smaller creatures, each of which has a lesser animal inserted into its own vacated internal cavity:

So inside the goose is a chicken.
Inside the chicken is a pigeon.
Inside the pigeon is a dormouse. (a Roman delicacy)
Inside the dormouse is a small frog.(a French delicacy)
Inside the frog is a snail.(another French delicacy)
Inside the snail is a tiny edible cricket.(a Malasian delicacy)
Inside the cricket is the egg of honey aphid.

As an extreme, the goose containing its various animal contents can be then forced inside the body of a small pig or boar, as the idea proceeds in the opposite direction.

Enjoy your Christmas feast! (I'll be having nut roast as always)

xenzag, Dec 24 2017


       The vegetarian version has chlorella injected into some peas, packed into the cavity of a peeled avocado
beanangel, Dec 24 2017

       There's a traditional Arab dish which is served at once-in-a-lifetime events such as Royal Coronations.   

       Chickens are stuffed into lambs, the lambs into goats, and the goats into a whole camel, which is then roasted very slowly over a period of many days.   

       It's possibly in the Guiness Book of Records.   

       // I'll be having nut roast //   

       More deserving of pity than condemnation.
8th of 7, Dec 24 2017

       I thought there was an "Extended Turducken" idea on here already, but I can't find it.
Wrongfellow, Dec 24 2017

       It's likely that at least ten levels are achievable in this sort of Matryoshka cookery, with an ostrich* as the outer layer, progressing down to a hummingbird at the inner one.   


       *This could very possibly be the very same ostrich shot by Archie Duke because he was hungry.
8th of 7, Dec 24 2017

       People, people people. I can't believe that everyone has missed the obvious opportunity here.   

       It is widely acknowledged that the tastiest part of many animals is the skin. Think pork crackling. Think crispy goose skin. Think pan-fried salmon. It's all about the skin, the skin, the skin.   

       We should therefore be stuffing not one animal with another animal, but rather one animal skin with another animal skin. The result would be a bit like the "balloon inside a balloon".   

       By using just the skins, many more nestings become possible. A skilled artisan might easily concoct a 20-layer skin-onion. A true artist might even be able to manage to nest all of the 5000 or so mammal species, by carefully selecting juveniles or adults of each example.   

       Obviously, there are exceptions. For instance, crustaceans would not be a good way to go.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 25 2017

       // People, people people. //   

       What ? What ? Where ?   

       <looks anxiously around>   

       <sees only halfbakers>   

       <relaxes again>   


       // I can't believe that everyone has missed the obvious opportunity here. //   

       This is going to be the Intercalary's Long Pig idea again, isn't it, but with progressively larger humans ?
8th of 7, Dec 25 2017

       Crustacean meat would make a nice layer between the scrispy skins, which is sort of the essence of Phyla with exoskeletons.
wjt, Dec 25 2017

       Speaking of Roman delicacies, I'm pretty sure Gaius Petronius Arbiter described this.
pertinax, Dec 26 2017


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