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Add apple juice to the branded product
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As you probably know, there is vegetable-juice mixture (tomato, celery, carrot, some others) sold under the brand name of "V-8". Many people dislike its taste, although most everyone agrees that this is probably pretty healthy stuff to drink. Personally, I have found that adding one more item, apple juice, smooths the taste greatly. That is, apple juice often tastes excessively sweet, and V-8 tastes rather sour, but anything near a 50/50 mix of the two causes their tastes to balance each other out. If you don't believe me, it won't take that much effort on your part to find out for yourself. Enjoy!
Vernon, Jan 15 2004

v-8 splash http://www.v8juice.com/v8_splash.asp
a fruity splash to v-8 [babyhawk, Oct 21 2004]

v-8 splash smoothies http://www.v8juice....plash_smoothies.asp
a smoother version to splash [babyhawk, Oct 21 2004]

"V8 Fusion" http://www.v8juice.com/FAQ_V8Fusion.aspx
Based on manufacturer data, it looks like these products could have names ranging from V7 to V11. [Vernon, Aug 11 2011]


       Any fresh fruit and vegetable juice vendor can supply this upon demand.
skinflaps, Jan 15 2004

       Alright, what did you do to the real Vernon?
Laughs Last, Jan 15 2004

       Vernon posts an idea that fits on one screen....we'll have video of the satanic snowball fights at 11.
krelnik, Jan 15 2004

       I thought this was a new engine design
theircompetitor, Jan 15 2004

Ever tried Spicy V8? It's good on spaghetti recipes that call for tomato juice.
Baker^-1, Jan 15 2004

       Laughs Last, the only problem with this post is that the idea is so simple there is no complicated background information that must be described in a nitty-gritty detailed way, heh heh.
Vernon, Jan 15 2004

       + I like V8, but this sounds so disgusting, it will probably be good.   

       I do have a problem, however, with the name. An apple is usually considered a fruit, not a vegetable, so the name should be V8+F1, or simply V8+F, or perhaps {F1:V8}
AO, Jan 15 2004

       have you tried V-8 splash?? It is V-8 with fruit juices added. see links..I like them!
babyhawk, Jan 15 2004

       <Hummmm...I’m looking over all those old ideas that are popping up on the recent page (actually, "before last session"). Most of them don’t have any new annos. Is there some kind of blip going on? A hacker at work?>
ldischler, Jan 15 2004

       how much more would you be charging for this?
Ossalisc, Jan 15 2004

       AO, yes, I know that fruits and vegetables are often treated separately; however, in the larger picture, fruits are just a subset of the vegetable kingdom. So, V-9 is a workable name.   

       babyhawk, if you look at the ingredients of V-8 Splash, you will see it consists of more than just V-8 and fruit juice. They add extra sweeteners, for example. This is not necessary, unless their goal is to maximize the sale of vegetable juice, by mixing it with a minimum of fruit juice. Note that I mentioned a 50/50 mix of apple juice and V-8, to balance the taste.   

       Ossalisc, I'm not planning on selling V-9. It's easy enough to make (just buy separate containers of juice, and fill your glass halfway with one, before finishing filling the glass with the other).
Vernon, Jan 15 2004

       Wow vernon, is that really you? Even for something as simple as this, I'd have expected a full-blown description of the history of V-8, along with an analysis of the chemical properties of said juice and apple juice, possibly leading to a discussion of the interaction between the sweetness and sourness and their resultant effects of the melding on sensory perception of flavor and olifactory stimulation.   

       [+] for a great idea (even though I already drink this on a regular basis), but I think an investigation is in order, as I have trouble believing that this is the real Vernon.
Freefall, Jan 15 2004

       jutta, since the category here is Food: Combination, and since this idea seems to me to fit, I don't understand your request? Perhaps because it maybe isn't merely a half-baked idea? Yet nobody is actually marketing this as described, however-easy it is to make at home....
Vernon, Jan 15 2004

       <curious question>If take V-8 and distill off (or otherwise remove) 6 of the juices, would you get V-2? Would it fly?</curious question>
kbecker, Jan 15 2004

       //[babykawk] I thought you first link was for some cool vampire drink.//   

       fixed, thanks ;)
babyhawk, Jan 15 2004

       V8 contains tomatoes, beets, celery, carrots, lettuce, parsley, watercress and spinach, all of which are vegetables, but if you want to be more specific it would be one fruit, two roots, four leaves and a stalk. I would propose the addition of broccoli or cauliflower (both flowers) so that every major plant part was represented (although it could be argued that fruits and flowers are the same thing.)
AO, Jan 15 2004

       ...and oranges are not the only fruit.
gnomethang, Jan 15 2004

       //fresh apple and carrot juice mixed is better than sex.//   

       if that is true then you must not have very good sex..;)
babyhawk, Jan 15 2004

       This reminds me of my days in elementary school, mixing carrot sticks with applesauce. Mmmmm...
Chickenbreadthe1st, Nov 13 2005

       I've always found fruit and vegetable mixes disgusting. I like the original V-8 though.
Voice, Aug 11 2011


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