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Bottle-shaped microwave takes the chill off a red
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I, the pretentious yuppie, cellar red wines in a cool place, but I want to serve them at room temperature on short notice.

Therefore I want to microwave the bottle, but it doesn't fit. Even a regular wine glass is too tall to fit in my microwave.

I wish I had a tall skinny microwave that would fit either a glass or a bottle, with settings to bring a refrigerated bottle, split, or glass of wine to room temperature.

It should also have a "hi" setting for making mulled wine, cider or toddy in a hurry.

bathsheba, Nov 26 2004

rec.food.cooking thread on microwaving wine http://groups.googl...ogle.com%26rnum%3D1
That is, whether or not to do it, not where to get a tall thin microwave. [jutta, Nov 26 2004]

1964 French Situationist Pamphlet http://www.cddc.vt....ine/si/leisure.html
Quoting from Le Monde's impression from a futurist exhibition: "Why waste your time bringing wine to room temperature? Buy an 'electronic room-temperaturizer' : the button on the left for Bordeaux, the button on the right for Burgundy. The price: seven pounds." That was supposed to happen 25 years ago - where are our room-temperaturizers? [jutta, Nov 26 2004]

Therm-o-rouge http://www.kitchenk...m/theraurougre.html
a wine-warmer. [prufrax, Nov 28 2004]


       This sounds anti-connoisseur-esque, if you will. Perhaps a slightly warmed decanter, something that spreads the wine out over a large area and warms it gently. Microwaves = bad. If nothing else, the decanters I've seen would fit in your average microwave.
swamilad, Nov 26 2004

       Stop putting your wine in the fridge, why are you doing that?
harderthanjesus, Nov 26 2004

       Welcome to the bakery, [bathsheba].   

       Incidentally, go look at bathsheba's website, there's some really nice geometric sculpture there.
david_scothern, Nov 26 2004

       Won't argue about the toddy, but you've already heard the whole song and dance about "room temperature" actually being something like 63 degrees Fahrenheit, right?   

       Japanese microwaves on occasion come with different preprogrammed settings for sake - but they still don't build tall & thin ones. Hm.
jutta, Nov 26 2004

       I'm wondering if there might be local hot-spots which *might* change the properties of the wine. Of course, if you can't tell the difference, then it doesn't matter.
I watched my father microwave ice-cream the other day. He says it doesn't taste so good at -19C, and he prefers it at a slightly warmer temperature.
I tried it, and it still tasted like ice-cream to me.
Ling, Nov 26 2004

       I think that if you let the wine breath a bit it will reach room temperature pretty quick. I think some even pour the bottle into a decanter...
madness, Nov 26 2004

       .and then remind the butler to use a *warm* decanter.
gnomethang, Nov 26 2004

       Butler- you don't keep a sommelier in your employ? Cretins.
swamilad, Nov 26 2004

       Now who will garden your unders?
harderthanjesus, Nov 27 2004

       Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Her bloomers are flowery
And smell like them, too.
FarmerJohn, Nov 27 2004

       apparently airing the wine involves decanting it (sploshing it about), not simply taking the cork out. Or so they said on TV. Also I read that when people decided (for whatever reason, perhaps they found a dictat in the mountains) that red wine should be served at room temperature was a long time ago. This was when room temperature was bloody cold half the time. So, in conclusion, I think red wine should be served not quite so warm.
weedy, Nov 27 2004

       Not much into wine, but love the sculpture.   

       There's a doo-dad in my wine store that chills white wine you've just bought off the shelf. Cold water that vibrates I think. Perhaps a warm shaky bath would do the trick for you.
lintkeeper2, Nov 28 2004

       I think the wine coolers I've seen use a swirling brine that's cooled to below freezing temperature.
bristolz, Nov 28 2004

       It'd probably be impractical, but it would be awfully nifty if it could also cool whites in a hurry.   

       In case you're wondering, I would never actually buy this thing, but if people will buy those obscenely expensive Rabbit corkscrews, there has to be money to be made on it.
bathsheba, Dec 02 2004


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