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Wind Tunnel Onastick.

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There is a wide range of body kits available for popular cars, many of which claim to afford better streamlining and/or additional downforce at speeds. But, having bought one and duct-taped it in place, how do you know it's working?

Not-knowing -how-well-your-expensive- body-kit-is- working-woes begone!! MaxCo. is pleased to introduce the Wind Tunnel Onastick.

The Wind Tunnel Onastick consists of a long aluminium tube, tapering gently at one end. The tapered end is bent so that the thing has an "L" shape. There is a grip on the other end, at the top of the L.

A smoke canister is inserted into the handle end, causing smoke to stream out of several cunningly-placed holes in the short, thin arm of the L.

Simply hold this pole out the window whilst driving at speed, and - gadulka! - see how your aerodynamics are doing.

As a bonus, red, white and blue smoke canisters will enable you and your friends to re-enact the two- dimensional parts of a Red Arrows display.

MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 01 2013


       Ah, yes, the wannabe tuner crowd, who believe that putting a wide-bore tailpipe and a spoiler on any car will make it go faster.   

       The most accurate non-wind-tunnel method for determining the effectivity of a body kit is probably manual calculation of your mpg. If the fuel mileage goes up, the streamlined add-ons are doing something. If the mileage doesn't change, at least your car looks cool (if only to you). If the mileage gets worse and, as my esteemed colleague [Dr. Quest] pointed out, the handling doesn't noticably improve, you're an idiot.   

       Ultimately, race car performance comes at race car prices.
Alterother, Jan 01 2013


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