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Things Not To Do List

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After a long day of pottering about the hardware, pet store, supermarket etc I will remember all the things I was supposed to do - but forgot - which can easily be rectified by a well prepared 'To Do' list organised over breakfast.

As is often the case however, I will return home after a long day of funny looks, footpath pursuits, and slapped cheeks to remember all the things that I shouldn't have done. This can be remedied by preparing a 'Not To Do' list in anticipation of where you may be going and the situations that may be avoided in careful preparation of incorrect behaviour.

As you enter the pet store for example, simply browse over your list and adhere to them as strictly as you can -'Do Not blow bubbles in the aquarium, Do Not ask staff for a menu, Do Not buy another cat, etc'

This may help.

benfrost, Mar 28 2005


       The list is nearly infinite.
bristolz, Mar 28 2005

       Do not post mundane non-ideas to the Halfbakery.   

       P.S. I think these are usually called New Year's Resolutions.
DrCurry, Mar 28 2005

       I liked it...   

       *psst* Try making this a electronic deviece to remind you not to do things. Then maybe it will pass. Or maybe not...
finrod, Mar 28 2005

       Things Not To Do Last:   

       1. Jump out of airplane   

       2. Pull ripcord   

       3. Put on parachute
jaksplat, Mar 28 2005

       A "To Don't" list? Sure. Seems simple enough: create your "To Do" list and XOR it with the Universal Standard List of All Possible Things.
half, Mar 28 2005

       I'd like to see that list [half]. Do you have a copy?
wagster, Mar 28 2005

       I checked it out and in an ironic twist, it turns out that giving you a copy isn't one of the items on the list. Go figure.
half, Mar 28 2005

       Dear ben, I'd like your list of all possible things to do.   

       18445. Post ideas like VJ?
neelandan, Mar 29 2005

       Do not tempt compulsives to commence a list on the HB. (NB, not the start of a list...or a not list...)
ConsulFlaminicus, Mar 29 2005

       Do not annotate..   

squeak, Mar 29 2005

       //The list is nearly infinite.//   

       Maybe for you.
Detly, Mar 29 2005

       If I have a 'to do' list in one hand, and a 'not to do' list in the other hand, then what is the name of the list that contains the items that are in neither?
Ling, Mar 29 2005

       should do but won't do.
po, Mar 29 2005

       the sins of omission
dentworth, Mar 29 2005

       Shouldn't do but will do?
Ling, Mar 29 2005

       Don't consult the-that list with this list-list, or sumtin like that list against this list-list by swopping them list-lists into do-do not, refer that list against this lists-list, now which list-lists to refer to, refer to that do list-lists of lists or this list of lists listing those do lists that don't contain the don't lists of list-list, so refer to the lists list-list of lists before the listing lists list-list, once I have reffered to the do list of list-lists I must compare to the don't list of list-lists, list of do-don't lists the lists which refer to the lists-list of lists that list the do lists, likewise the don't-do lists the lists- lists- list that refer to the lists list master list ...   

       ....rips up lists and makes an unnesessary purchase.
skinflaps, Mar 29 2005

       {neelandan} - first rule of halfbakery: we do not talk about vagina jam
benfrost, Mar 29 2005

       Yeah. I've noticed that we are not talking about that idea here.   

       Or that Afro's link.
neelandan, Mar 30 2005

       Do not post a link to goatse on this idea.
zen_tom, Jan 22 2006


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