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NOPES - Notes for interPersonal communications

In the word "notes", replace "t" with "p", and get a mnemonic for an easy note-taking strategy:
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take notes about 5 essential things about people:

[N] - Index a [n]ames of other people another person knows:

n1: your neighbour
n2: your friend Y

[O] - Index physical [o]bjects that other person is related to:

o1: your car
o2: your airplane

[P] - Index physical [p]laces the other person is related or have been to:

p1: NY, where we first met
p2: the place you said you have been with Y (n2)

[E] - Index [e]vents related to the other person:

e1: the day when you got back from X conference

[S] - Index [s]ubjects that you have discussed in more details with the person you are taking notes about:

s1: the project ABC that we have talked about (e1)

In short, do [N][O][P][E][S] to take meaningful NOTES about other people's (or even one's own) lives to remember them better.

(P.S., presently I am not sure, weather all the most important human experiences can be classified into these classes, but it seems so.....)

Inyuki, Apr 10 2009


       Well thanks for solving all of social psychology. It had us puzzled there for awhile :)
Smurfsahoy, Apr 11 2009

       It's just a way of making up for missing people memory in oneself. For example, I sometimes have trouble remembering whether I've mentioned a subject to a specific person before if I've mentioned it to others.   

       Small comments:
- Remembering a person's social network with a mnemonic for "N"umber seems completely arbitrary. (You could also index a "N"umber of objects, events, or beanie babies.)
- Other categories could be media discussed and/or consumed; and perhaps things like values, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, food allergies and preferences: innate qualities that you might pick up (or be told by someone else), but that might not be discussed directly at length.

       Something like this would benefit from a hypertext note-taking system, because sometimes you want to look at it per day, sometimes per person. It could be prototyped on top of a Wiki that allows embedding fragments culled from multiple sources in a page.
jutta, Apr 11 2009

       // for "N"umber seems completely arbitrary. [jutta]   

       So, it's better to use it for "Names":   

       [N] - for Names (of persons, organizations, users)
[O] - for Objects (physical things, owned properties of N)
[P] - for Places (geographical, spatial locations, where N, O can be found)
[E] - for Events (temporal locations with associated N,O,P,S — e.g., projects)
[S] - for Subjects (propositions, topics to talk about, existing in minds of N).

       Nopes :) Pretty much everything what NSA collects.
Inyuki, Jul 16 2013


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