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Things Not To Do List 2

more meat for the balcony
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This list should be written for other people.

Specifically for parents when your new girlfriend comes for tea and telly.

A pre-printed list with tickable squares and in bold letters - 'Things not to do at ....' where the blanks can easily be filled in to suit the situation.

Thus to safely and subtley agree on what is allowed and not allowed before said event.

Do not retrieve photo albums. Do not wear the red vest. Do not bring up the idea about the jam etc and so on, et al.

benfrost, Mar 29 2005


       I'm not repeating my previous anno :)
skinflaps, Mar 29 2005


       (Clear line drawn by Granny indicating limit of acceptable behaviour in Granny's house.)
moomintroll, Mar 29 2005

       There's absolutely *nothing* I can think of to say after [Tindale]'s anno.
Machiavelli, Mar 29 2005

       I thought of something. Do not eat the gravy.
Worldgineer, Mar 29 2005

       Do not forget to check the temperature of the gravy *before* stirring...
justibone, Mar 29 2005

       Do not use sensitive body parts to check temperature of gravy.
Worldgineer, Mar 29 2005

       Do not even think about telling the joke about the priest, the nun and the camel who were in the desert...
froglet, Mar 29 2005

       You get a bun from me, for the idea, and for the annotations.
finrod, Mar 29 2005

       Do not ask what was used in place of the tablecloth.
AfroAssault, Mar 29 2005

       ... and wash it when you change the bed, byotch.
reensure, Mar 29 2005

       This brings entirely new meaning to "riding the gravy train."
AfroAssault, Mar 30 2005

       //when your new girlfriend comes for tea and telly//   

       Tea and ..and..telly?! Oh! The demise of society and culture!   

       Do not invite [Ian Tindale]to Sunday dinner.
squeak, Mar 30 2005

       Do not invite [Ian] to anything, especially involving poultry or gravy.
david_scothern, Mar 30 2005

       oh, come now, he's such fun! just for the pics on his mobile if nothing else.
po, Mar 30 2005

       Do not eat brown snow
DenholmRicshaw, Mar 30 2005

       Do not leave benfrost ideas in the history of your browser.
neelandan, Mar 31 2005

       Never ever invite members of the halfbakery OR THEIR CATS to dinner/tea/other.
froglet, Mar 31 2005

       Do not create various disgusting yet hilarious anno's.
EvilPickels, Mar 31 2005


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