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Procrastination Braclets

When you just need to get things done, why not have someone yell at you?
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We've all been there, we need to get something done and we just put it off, so in the rise of this new arm braclet fashion, why not take advantage.

Braclets that you, yourself can program to get your things done. Record your dad telling you to finish your term paper, and set it to go off three days before it's done. Then every 3 hours until the day it's due, you'll hear your dad yelling at you, 'God Damnit, boy, finish that friggan paper.'

It maybe annoying, but it'll help get things done. and cover it up with one of those rubber arm bands. Imagine the Livestrong foundation yelling at you to buy your girlfriend something for your anniversary.

simpleboxcarbaby, Jul 01 2005


       For fuck's sake stop wasting time and build the prototype.
Basepair, Jul 01 2005

       Maybe tomorrow.
DenholmRicshaw, Jul 01 2005

       So much the better if it embarrasses you by yelling at you while you're in a comic book store.
phundug, Jul 01 2005


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