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Three-dimensional tactile display for the blind

pin servos and camera array
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so this is like a 2D refreshable tactile graphics display with servo pins based on a refreshable braille display, but that respond incrementally. The display would surround a body part, and respond to an array of cameras like the motion ping pong ball thing. So the user could navigate a 3D space based on tactile reponse - so some areas in 3D space would press in alot and some areas would not press in at all, so 3D pain space, maybe.
JesusHChrist, Sep 11 2009


       interesting, but if only for body parts why torture the blind with a false thing. Among consenting adults the real thing is far more... educational.   

       If you wanted to use this to teach shapes to children, shore, go for it.
dentworth, Sep 11 2009

       Redundant. Blind people are already three dimensional, and many of them are tactile.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 11 2009

       well when you put it like thatMB, I had to reread this. badly explained I think.
dentworth, Sep 11 2009


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