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Underbrush micro tele presence

3D camera with macro lens on a walking stick
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I was walking outside a couple of minutes ago, and there are all sorts of mushrooms and interesting plants around. There are also poisonous snakes and other critters.

We could mount one or two cameras (for stereo vision) on a walking stick. The handle would have a focus (and interpupillary distance) adjustment knob. The world of the forest underbrush (or underneath your car, etc.) would be visualized either on a low cost LCD screen or 3D VR glasses.

cowtamer, Oct 27 2006

Microtelepresence http://www.hpl.hp.c...graphics/micro.html
[cowtamer, Oct 27 2006]

Lightweight 3D goggles for around $500 http://www.icuiti.c...ndex.php?page_id=10
[cowtamer, Oct 27 2006]

$20 dollar stereo camera http://jacksontechs...jects/stereodakota/
Ha, a chance to plug my $20 stereo camera! [jmvw, Nov 03 2006]


       how does it make the snakes scram?
po, Oct 27 2006

       It would have to include an optional SnakeStunner (TM) or a SnakeSummoner (TM) IR emitter device, depending on your affinity towards our reptilian companions.
cowtamer, Oct 27 2006

       oh o.k. thats great.   

       can I have a SnakeStunner - OnTheOccasionOfYou - MaybeWrappingRoundMyAnkle?
po, Oct 27 2006

       Frying pans work great on snakes, that is if you like fried snake.
Chefboyrbored, Nov 03 2006


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