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Three Player Hex

Like the Hex board game, but for three people.
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The game board consists of a hexagon of hexagons.

There are three players, red, green, and blue. Two edges of the game board are red, two green, and two blue. The two red edges are opposite from one another, as are the two green, and the two blue.

Players take turns putting pieces of their color on the board. A piece may only be placed in an unoccupied space that is either adjacent to one of that players' edges, or to one of his placed pieces, or both.

If a player connects his two edges, he wins.

If a player moves in such a way that both of the other two players will be unable to connect their two edges, he wins.

If a player moves in such a way that one other player will be unable to win, then that other player drops out of the game and makes no additional moves. The remaining two players continue until one of them wins.

The order of turns is red, green, blue, red, etc..

A variation of the pie rule is used to ensure fairness.

Player 1 is initially red, and places the first piece.

Player 2 has the option of placing a green piece, or changing his color to red and passing.

If Player 2 did not change colors, Player 3 has the option of either playing a blue piece (after which play continues normally), or switching colors with either of the other two players (the swapped with player then becomes blue).

If Player 2 did change colors, player 3 may either play a green piece (after which play continues normally, and Player 1 moves as blue), or choose to change color to red, and pass.

If player 2 and then player 3 changed color, there will be one red piece on the board. Player 1 places a green piece on the board. Player 2 chooses to either place a blue tile (after which play continues normally), or switch color to green and pass (after which play continues normally, with player 1 as blue).

goldbb, Jan 14 2011


       It took longer to figure out how the three player pie would work, than the entire rest of the game! :)
goldbb, Jan 14 2011

       A lot like go, I think.
daseva, Jan 14 2011

       You could use a chinese checkers board for this - they are six sided stars.
bungston, Jan 14 2011


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