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slide four

new angle on "connect four"
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You take the game “connect four” and lay it down flat. Both ends are used to insert the chips. Push it in slowly so that the chip, or row of chips, only moves one space. When a slot fills up you can no longer add to it. Whoever connects four in a row of their own color first, wins, just like in connect four. If by adding a chip you cause your opponent to get four in a row, they win. If the move that gave you four in a row also gave your opponent four in a row, it's a tie.

You have to think ahead like in chess since the board changes every time someone slides a row of chips one way or the other, but you don’t have to know the rules of movement for each piece so it’s easier for kids to play.

Try it, it’s harder and more fun than you think. :)

dane500, Dec 07 2004

Stack 4x4 http://www.itsyourturn.com
not the same, but another good variation - in Stack 4x4 you build from any direction [imaginality, Apr 17 2006]


       Even better and harder would be inserting from four sides giving strategy akin to Othello.
FarmerJohn, Dec 07 2004

       Bun for the idea...   

       ...even though I know I'd never win a game of this in my life!
kmlabs, Dec 09 2004

       If I can find my copy of "Zillions of Games", I'll see if I can implement it.
supercat, Dec 09 2004

       like it [dane], nice work.
[FJ] I take it 3d othello's been done ?
neilp, Dec 10 2004

       Wow. I feel so . . . bereft of game culture. I don't know what Connect Four is or Othello, for that matter. I do play Go sometimes, though.
bristolz, Dec 10 2004

       {bristolz} Othello is an easier version of Go while connect four is version of tic tac toe on steriods.
robgraham2, Dec 12 2004

       This would break my brain trying to plan ahead. +
not_only_but_also, Apr 18 2006


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