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Travel gameboard

Travel games aren't new, but I think this is an improvement
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This is a game board anyone can make and I think it is an improvement over store bought travel games. I took two steel cookie sheets, and a bag of 1/2 inch pompoms for playing pieces. I painted a football field grid on one cookie sheet and a checkerboard on the other. Then I hot glued little magnets to each pom pom- enough of each color for full teams. A few dice can be carried in a zip-lock bag; load up the car and get on the road.
dentworth, Mar 05 2005


       This could be simplified by playing the game on the hood of the car. (Dispenses with the cookie sheets...and maybe the kids.)
ldischler, Mar 05 2005

       or hot glue the kids to the hood of the car. Makes a quiet ride.
dentworth, Mar 05 2005

       ...and a noisy ornament. Who needs sirens?   


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