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Tsunami Rug Apparatus

device that generates indoor tsunamis
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Tsunami Rug comes in three parts:
The first part is a choice of household rug designs, based on Google earth views of a variety of coastal towns and cities.
The second part is a kit that enables you to construct a small, but flimsy town on the rug, appropriate in scale to its location.
The third part is the Tsunami Apparatus itself.
This takes the form of a series of air filled tubes that traverse the width of the rug and are capable of being filled, and emptied in sequence. This action generates a wave, or series of waves which roll forward, and ultimately scatter and destroy the constructed town.

Waves of various characteristics are available via the programme that comes with the apparatus. These can be modified in a number of ways. ie a wave of terrifying size can be made to fizzle out prior to impact, or a barely visible sneaky wave can shoot across at speed, only to bring destruction at the last second.

xenzag, Mar 13 2011




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