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Tickle machine (For male only)

Tickle torture machine for fun or train~
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There is a bed, you can use your remote control to set how many hand will tickle you "at most 20 hands" and the level of tickling 1=playful, 100=tickle hell, set the place the hand to tickle you, then set the time "1mins to 24 hours" and at last, the most important "Safety button", you should on the safety button in order to stop the machine if you have enough, if you want to train yourself to endure a tickle torture in a time, off the button, and you will be helpless during that tickle time. After setting all things. lay on the bed, the machine will strap you spread-eagled which ribs and armpit will be exposed, after it has done, the tickle starts.

For fun. (1 hand, one minutes and level 1, on safety button) a playful touch on your skin for one minutes

For devilish Training...... (20 hands, 24 hours and level 100, off safety button) Twenty devilish hand wriggle and tickle you mercilessly, restless, relentess, as you cannot move an inch and you off the safety button, you need to endure this devilish machine for twenty-four hours... hehehe, and who want to try?

Ir3ne, Dec 31 2010

for both sexes self-tickling_20machine
[po, Dec 31 2010]


       Why [for male only]?   

       Too hard for a girl to take
Ir3ne, Dec 31 2010

       Diamonds are a girl's best friend.
rcarty, Dec 31 2010

       Only one solution: head to head, boy vs girl contests.
pocmloc, Dec 31 2010

       Anyone want to build this? Cause I would.
bramnet, Mar 27 2013


       [Ir3ne] opened an account on 12/30/2010, posted this idea a day later and annoed on it once, and was never heard from again.
normzone, Mar 27 2013

       Perhaps she fell into the machine.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 27 2013

       I think she posted it between when she fell out of the machine, and when she climbed back into it.
not_morrison_rm, Mar 27 2013

       //[Ir3ne] opened an account on 12/30/2010, posted this idea a day later and annoed on it once, and was never heard from again.//   

       I suspect that's fairly common. The paradigm here is sort of “Come for the idea, stay for the bullshit.” If you're just not into that sort of thing, you're not likely to become a repeat visitor.
ytk, Mar 27 2013

       but hey, welcome [bramnet]! lets see what you're made of. LOL
po, Mar 27 2013

       [bramnet] opened an account on Feb 12 2013, posted only this one anno, and never was heard from again.
mylodon, Nov 20 2017


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