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Warming hand lotion

for those cold winter days! & those with bad circulation.....
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Evidently they already make lotions and such that warm the skin, but I personally don't know too many ladies who'd care to carry around a product called "Motion lotion" or such in their purses. Well, actually I probably do, but I won't name names. Anywho, I figure that since the technology for self heating facial masks is already available that this isn't such a big step. Only thing is now I wouldn't have an excuse not to shake hands with people I don't want to shake hands with.
Graciem, Oct 08 2001

Gloves in a Bottle http://www.glovesin...om/description.html
For you phoenix . . . . a lotion that forms a "glove" when applied. [bristolz, Dec 24 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Deep Heat http://www.menthola...elief/deepheat.html
Rub which soothes muscular aches [madradish, Jan 05 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Ever got the "warming mineral mask" in your eyes? <sizzling noise> Ouch!   

       Oddly enough, if you choose market this product as a facemask, there is always the implication that it must be rinsed off after use, and care taken around the eyes. If it were a hand lotion, that would encourage people to not rinse their hands, and then carelessly rub that stuff in their eyes. I’ve yet to read hand lotion directions like “rinsed thoroughly after use, keep away from pregnant women and people with high blood pressure” – but I could be wrong, got a link?   

       So let somebody else patent it, and face multiple lawsuits when some idiots go out and sting themselves.   

       Besides, (and the chemists in the audience may be able to back me on this one,) doesn't the exothermic reaction which gives these cosmetics their warmth have to be activated by water? If so, then it's not a hand lotion, really. If you can create and maintain this exothermic reaction indefinitely without having to refuel it, then contact me and we'll work out a business plan.
sdm, Oct 08 2001

       Just zap your regular lotion in the microwave before applying.
mrthingy, Oct 08 2001

       How about a lotion that forms a flexible coating on the hands? Sorta like instant gloves. This also means you could have a heating substance that evaporates quickly on the outside while continuing to work on the inside.
phoenix, Dec 24 2001

       There's a rub called deep heat (see link) which is generally used to soothe aching muscles. It produces a fairly impressive heat but the strong menthol smell may make it unsuitable as a hand lotion.
madradish, Jan 05 2002

       "'Icy' to dull the pain, 'Hot' to relax it away..."   

       How would this compare to Bengay on a scale of 1-10 for smell-likablity?
Lucky_Setzer, Jan 06 2002

       I haven't tried Bengay, deep heat doesn't smell as nice as say tiger balm. I'd give it a 3 (where 10 smells better than 1) compared to a 6 for tiger balm and a 9 for coffee (which is yummy in addition to being warm).   

       You might get funny looks if you tried rubbing coffee into your hands though.
madradish, Jan 10 2002


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