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Skin boil patch

Skin boil patch
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Has anyone ever had a boil?

When I went to Africa I started getting them all over. I had as many as 40 boils at one time -- mostly in my armpits. They hurt, they sting and they are totally unsightly.

The Africans had a cream that made the boils dissolve painlessly in a couple days. But back in America, I quickly learned that there are no real remedies for boils, other than to cut them out with medical scissors from a doctor.

So I propose a boil patch. A circular bandaid containing pain medication and absess reduction ointment. Put the patch on, and in a day or two, your boil is recessed and pain free. The pus and blood is absorbed in the cottony material of the patch.

If you've ever had a boil, you would gladly pay $20 for this.

I know there are substances that can dissolve and drain boils. (Xango juice even does the trick. But Xango is hard to apply.) With the patch, everything is neat and tidy.

pwalters, Jun 28 2004


       I used to know a guy called Colin Boyle. His brother was called Lance   

       (+ for the idea)
philmckraken, Jun 28 2004

       Hi pwalters   

       You should definately strive to take this to market with one of the healthcare manufacturers. To protect your own interests, unless knowledge of the formuation is widely known, I would keep it under wraps - a patent is unlikely to work as the product is currently in the public domain.   

       You could take a look at the ninesigma web site. I know they help link the small 'inventor' and large businesses - there are actaully a couple of large manufacturers (proctor and Gambel / another) looking for skin related products at the mo...see http://www.ninesigma.com/MX/50075-1/rfp.html.   

       Also, have a bun!
originalsen, Jun 28 2004


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