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Too Much Aftershave Man

The Lynx effect
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*Ack* All right! I'll turn myself in! Just stand way over there, for pity's sake! *cough* *choke*
English Bob, Dec 05 2003


       And his nemesis would be Too little perfume woman - who's failure to smell like flowers would cause others to undertake acts of cruelty?
dobtabulous, Dec 05 2003

       What puzzles me is how Too Much Aftershave Man can be in so many places at once.
DrCurry, Dec 05 2003

       Oh, but he is! <shudder>
k_sra, Dec 05 2003

       RC: actually, it's just that whenever I go to use a strange telephone, Too Much Aftershave Man seems to have used it first, as the handset reeks of bad cologne.
DrCurry, Dec 06 2003


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