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auto defensive neck-tie for the weak
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our balding pudgy buddy stands at the urinal. he keeps his head straight as the door squeaks open. of course, the stranger takes up shop next to buddy guy.

buddy can't go. he's always been so nervous, starting real early, peaking in his early twenties.

but buddy is a genius and he put his social phobia to work. he has a method for dealing with this. this madness.

engaging his mind link, his neck-tie hums menacingly as it powers up. after many trials and volunteer deaths, buddy guy perfected his tieminator.

one blink and buddy's tie strikes lighting fast, snake style. a bloody eye hits the floor. the tie gently tucks itself away. buddy sighs and lets go, lets free, free to live his life, bastard free.

lolzcakes, Jun 30 2008


       a little morbid for my taste. the pun is just ok, so []. now if the title had been "theremin-hater", I would click the [+] button many times.   

       //he's been so nervous, starting real early, peaking in his early twenties.// I'm not sure what this part means.
sninctown, Jun 30 2008

       (+) [marked-for-deletion]
magic //mind link//

       Change that to, oh say, odd number shake activated, and the MFD gets flushed.   


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