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Tight Rope Tornado Hat

have hat, will balance, and startle
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Tight Rope Tornado Hat is used by those who want to add to the spectacle of their walking and balancing action across a stretched wire.

The hat has a secure base that holds it on the head. This arrangement is topped off by a rapidly spinning column of assembled small items all jammed together to create a replica of a miniature tornado. A concealed motor maintains the rotational momentum, with some of the power also being used to generate the odd electrical flash. A back-pack, with a feeding tube that enters the rear of the hat, holds the power supply and acts as a storage reservoir, keeping the column supplied with a fresh supply of the debris that tends to escape from the rapidly rotating vortex.

The purpose of the Tornado Hat is two fold:
1 It increases the drama of the tight rope walk.
2 Its gyroscopic effect adds to the stability of the walker.

Warning! - not be depended on for balance when walking over a gorge or other types of great heights.

xenzag, Feb 16 2014


       Can drunks use it to assist in getting home?   

       Does it work as well if said drunks have resorted to hands and knees?   

       What are the ramifications when said drunk manages to find and get into his car without then shutting down the hat?   

       Should said drunk be stopped by the police and be asked to walk a straight line, will the hat assist him to the degree that he actually passes the test?   

       Can the leaf blower attachment be concealed enough to stealthily use for the breathalyzer test?
Grogster, Feb 16 2014

       The "tornado" has to be a solid object for this to work as advertised, at which point you're better off spinning firmly attached objects. And I don't see how it adds to the excitement of watching a tightrope walker... Just make it a tophat, put in a heavy battery and a small motor, and use the battery as the spinning mass.   

       Also a good strong chin strap.   

       EDIT: I am unable to find a word for "the spinning mass inside a gyroscope". If there is none to date I propose "spass"
Voice, Feb 16 2014

       //And I don't see how it adds to the excitement of watching a tightrope walker// I guess we'll have to differ on that one. I'm looking forward to seeing my first tightrope walker sporting a hat that doubles up as a mini-tornado, complete with lightening flashes and the shedding of bits of debris. I won't be the volunteer, but there is always someone :-)
xenzag, Feb 16 2014

       Isnt the mass called an inertial dampener or a flywheel, even so SPASS is a much better word.   

       I like this idea + and i would argue that the vortex generated would counteract the impact of high winds. We should find a scientist because this approach could be a breakthrough with far reaching applications in the aerospace industry.   

       One more thing and this is important to consider, Does this remind anyone of the merry go round top hat with the knife from Time Bandits?   

       One more thing please take this into consideration, This tornado hat is no showpiece if it isnt expelling striped sox, red ruby shoes(barbie doll sized) and stuffed dogs that look like toto.
vfrackis, Feb 17 2014


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