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Variable Geometry Hat

Changes Shape as You Change Speed!
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Some modern sports cars and many fighter jets utilize a variable geometry principle which allows them to optimize their shape based on the speed they are traveling.

I propose a series of hats that incorporate a speed sensitivity feature that combines GPS, LIDAR anemometers and gyros to determine your current rate of travel. The Hat will then through a series of bimetallic actuators, air bladders and diaphragms will change shape to become more streamlined in correlation to the speed.

As an example a normal baseball cap would angle the bill downwards while elongating the rear portion of the hat and more tightly gripping the head band, to form a more streamlined and wind resistant shape. Womens flowered hats would lay the flowers back while reshaping the brim to deflect the wind.

Never again will you lose your hat while riding your bike or in the car with the top down. It will also reshape your hat on windy days.

jhomrighaus, Sep 20 2007

Tilley hats http://www.tilley.c....asp?countryCode=US
[normzone, Sep 20 2007]

Sounds like you need one of these... http://www.propellerheadhats.com/store/
[the dog's breakfast, Sep 21 2007]

(?) Air bladders, diaphragms? Pah. http://www.core77.c...al_dresses_7516.asp
About halfway through the video is what you want. [moomintroll, Sep 21 2007]


       I'm a Tilley hat man myself, and I applaud this idea. I could stop using the chin strap with one of these.
normzone, Sep 20 2007

       Hats off to you, it's a topper of an idea.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 20 2007

       I just despise unannotated bones, I never get to learn what it is that people didn't like.
jhomrighaus, Sep 20 2007

       Wasn't me. But I know what you mean. The Bee-Releasing blah-blah-blah got 17 bones! And only a few registered their dislike!   

       (Decided against it but I really wanted to write at the end of that sentence;   

       "Bunch of half-bastards.")
theleopard, Sep 20 2007

       You could call it: Le Shapeau
xenzag, Sep 20 2007

       Baseball caps are designed to blow off your head as you run for a fly ball, thus giving you an unobstructed view of said ball.   

       Get an engineer's hat, which is designed to not blow off your head when leaning out a train window.
GutPunchLullabies, Sep 21 2007

       Sometimes the fault is obvious, or perhaps the boner thinks the poster meant for a bad idea. Like, "hey, I know my ideas rock, btu this one is gonna blow". Something like that.   

       This idea falls into that timeless rank of tongue-in-cheek oversophistication, in my worthless opinion. Bun.
daseva, Sep 21 2007

       I recently came across the work of Hussein Chalayan. It totally blew me away [linky].
moomintroll, Sep 21 2007

       I'd like a Fedora that could morph into a Panama and back depending on social context.
wagster, Sep 21 2007

       //I just despise unannotated bones// How do you feel about annotated croissants [jhom]?[+] When you get round to marketing it, I suggest "Speed Morphic Hat".
DocBrown, Sep 22 2007

       Usually only dull and uninteresting(to me) ideas that are poorly thought out, or have no or little effort input earn a bone without comment from me.   

       This idea is not particularly relavent to me, as I have a great big fat head. Any hat that I jam onto it is not likely to be pried loose by anything short of a tornado, so no bun or bone today!
the dog's breakfast, Sep 22 2007

       note to [Moomintroll], vid not available anymore?!!
dentworth, Sep 22 2007


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