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Tightrope Stepladder

walk tightropes and climb a mountain
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Tightrope Stepladder is a new challenge devised to test the skill and daring of the most skillful and the most foolhardy of all tightrope walkers.

It consists of a series of parallel tightropes that span a gap, but each rope is raised slightly higher than the preceeding one to form an ascending array.

This means that the walker starts off a low level but must step across to the next parallel wire/rope after they have travelled a few steps forward.

Each step brings them unto a rope placed at a slightly higher level than the previous one. After another few steps, they move across to the next rope and continue in this manner until they have traversed the entire gap, arriving at the other side on the highest of the ropes.

Juggling or fire eating while negotiating the Tightrope Stepladder wins extra kudos. (and probably an even swifter descent under the full effect of gravity)

xenzag, Sep 29 2021



       Your fifth Tightrope needs a T.   

       Ha yes... It must have fallen into the ravine...
xenzag, Sep 29 2021

       he figa yajus tight te rope en detsit.
pashute, Oct 03 2021

       But if you fall backwards there's an inclined net of safety.   

       A mechanism needs to only rotate two tightropes. Move the stepped off tightrope under the balanced tightrope walker to a position as the new higher step.
wjt, Oct 23 2021

       You can go first.
xenzag, Oct 23 2021

       You only need one tightrope, if it is long enough, you can zig zag it back and forth between the two sides of the gap.
pocmloc, Oct 23 2021

       Can the high level experts jump on a tightrope? The mechanism could register the leaving and raise the rope. That would entertain the watchers with the , circus expectation, thrill of fear.
wjt, Oct 24 2021


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