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Vestibulo-ocular Spacetime Mixer

Almost a human teetotum at home.
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This device consists of a stand attached to a motor's rotor below, and a rope attached to the ceiling via a special bearing, so that if you slip off, you keep spinning in the air.

User instruction:

(1) Step on the pad, attach and fasten the bands from the end of the rope round your arms and chest.

(2) Tiptoe, and make sure that your body hangs if your feet are horizontal to the ground by pulling the end of the rope.

(3) Now straighten your toes again to tiptoe full-weight on the toes. The device will begin slowly accelerate, and spin your body.

(4) Return your feet to horizontal position when you you're satisfied with the rotation speed.

Enjoy the spin!

[Inspired by [nineteenthly]'s Gravity, and "Spend alternate days upside down"]

Inyuki, Dec 31 2012

Spend alternate days upside down Spend_20alternate_20days_20upside_20down
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